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Quality Care

Frederick Memorial Healthcare System's Vision statement:  Superb Quality.  Superb Service.  All the Time. is brought to life every day by the men and women of FMH who come to work ready and eager to provide the finest healthcare available - anywhere.  The provision of excellent customer service, quality patient care and focused attention upon the safety of our patients has been hard-wired into the culture of Frederick Memorial Hospital. 

Commitment to quality patient care begins at the very top with the FMH Board of Directors who have created a committee dedicated to the oversight of the Healthcare System's quality improvement efforts. On a routine basis, the board reviews the metrics the hospital uses to measure provision of care components known in the industry as Core Competencies.  Every member of the Senior Leadership team evaluates the performance of their direct reports based upon the provision of quality care and service excellence. There are entire departments dedicated to Performance Improvement and Service Excellence.

The performance of our direct care providers, including physicians and nurses, is monitored and evaluated by a variety of committees including the Quality Coordinating Counsel (QCC), the Nursing Advisory Counsel (NAC), the Patient Safety Committee, and a peer review process.  Members of these counsels and committees are working every day to make sure that the quality of the care we provide and the safety of our patients remains our top priority.

As a matter of fact, FMH is one of the country's most advanced users of technology to ensure that the quality of care provided is second to none. The Healthcare System's Bedside Medication Verification (BMV) system and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) are state-of-the-art technologies designed to ensure patient safety is never compromised.



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