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SOS Workshops

Transition to Wellness Workshop: Jumpstart into Life as a Breast Cancer Survivor

An invitation to all breast cancer patients completing treatment:

We know that the breast cancer journey can be one filled with challenges.  As you near the end of your treatment, we want to recognize that you have successfully completed the important treatment phase of the journey and are about to embark on a transition to life as a Breast Cancer Survivor.

This transition is an important step in your journey as a breast cancer survivor.  Many patients encounter difficulties when their contact with their medical team diminishes and may be frightened at the prospect of cancer returning.  To assist you in fully embracing your transition to wellness, Frederick Memorial Hospital's Regional Cancer Therapy Center invites you to attend a workshop called: Transition to Wellness - A Toolkit to Successfully Enter Life After Breast Cancer.

Transition Workshop Goals   The Transition to Wellness workshop is designed to provide new coping tools, information and increased feelings of control to patients as they enter the Wellness phase.  Transition to Wellness is funded by The Susan G. Komen For the Cure Maryland Affiliate.

Transition Workshop Agenda

  1. Roundtable discussion by breast cancer survivors sharing the issues they faced in transitioning to wellness and how they overcame these issues and successfully entered the wellness phase.
  2. Sharing a checklist of key health areas and lifestyle changes that can assist patients as they embrace life as a survivor and improve their general health and well being.  This workshop provides a roadmap for what you need from the medical community to successfully navigate survivorship challenges.
  3. Wellness practitioners overview and demonstrate new ways for incorporating lifestyle changes into the patients life following cancer treatment.  Practitioners include Nutritionists, Massage Therapists, Reiki Masters, Journalists, Healing Touch, Exercise Instructors and Acupuncturists.

Transition to Wellness workshops are held quarterly at the Regional Cancer Therapy Center.  Please call 301-694-5580 ext. 2018 for details on the next session.


Partner Support Workshop: For Spouses and Partners of Breast Cancer Patients

Frederick Memorial Hospital is hosting a support workshop for spouses and significant others of newly-diagnosed breast cancer patients.  Denise O'Neill, SOS Volunteer Coordinator, will lead the workshop.  The sessions provide insight into care giving and the types of support the patients and their families require during a highly emotional and difficult time.

The workshops are scheduled as needed for patients' family and friends.  The sessions will share support methods and ideas from books like The Breast Cancer Husband, a book by Marc Silver and Caregiving, a book from the American Cancer Society, and real life survivor family learnings.  There also will be a survivor spouse guest available who will talk with the support group members during the meetings.

If you would like to request a Partner Support session, please call 301-694-5580 ext. 2018.



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