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Lung CT Cancer Screening Program

"Studies have clearly shown that lung cancer deaths can be cut by 20% when at-risk individuals participate in a lung CT screening program that offers a multidisciplinary approach to the diagnosis and follow up of abnormal scans."

- The National Lung Cancer Screening Trial

FMH is pleased to offer low dose screening CT for lung cancer to the community. You are eligible to participate in the FMH Lung Cancer Screening Program if: you are a current or former smoker who smoked at least 20 pack years and are between 50 and 74 years of age.

All positive CT lung scans will be reviewed by a multidisciplinary team of radiologists, pulmonologists and thoracic surgeons. Results and recommendations will be reported to patients and their primary care physicians.

While CT lung screening is endorsed by many professional medical organizations, most insurers do not yet cover this diagnostic procedure. In order to serve the needs of our community, the FMH Lung CT Screening Program is offering this service for only $99. The fee covers the cost of the diagnostic CT scan and the multidisciplinary physician evaluation of the results.

You are NOT eligible to participate in the program if you are having any symptoms such as hoarseness, coughing up blood, chest pain, severe shortness of breath, or unintentional weight loss. If you have symptoms, see your family doctor.

To calculate how many pack years you have smoked, multiply the number of packs of cigarettes you smoked per day by the number of years you smoked. For example:

1 pack X 20 years = 20 pack years

2 packs X 10 years = 20 pack years

To learn more about the FMH Lung CT Cancer Screening Program, please call 301-694-LUNG (5864) or watch this video overview:




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