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Rehabilitation Services

Stroke Fact: Men have more strokes than women, but women have a higher risk of stroke during pregnancy and the weeks immediately after giving birth.

Frederick Memorial Hospital boasts a full compliment of rehabilitation services.  These disciplines are key in a stroke patient’s path to recovery.  The therapists at FMH are specially trained to care for stroke patients and are involved in all aspects of stroke care at FMH.  The effects of a stroke can be life changing.  The rehab team at FMH will help you re-learn how you live day-to-day with a stroke. 

With a good rehab team, plan and patience, rehabilitation may reverse some stroke effects.  Stroke patients and the therapy team members often form unique bonds because of the work they do to achieve the most out of the patient.  Services are available every day.

Physical Therapy - The Physical Therapist’s role is to help patients maximize their mobility and independence. They will try to improve major motor and sensory impairments like walking and balance.

Occupational Therapy - The Occupational Therapists will work to help stroke patients re-learn activities of daily living (ADLs). These activities include bathing, toileting and dressing.

Speech Therapy - Speech Therapists will team with the stroke patient to help restore language skills and also address swallowing issues. 

ime is critical when you or someone you know is having a Stroke.  Call 911 if you think you're having a stroke.

Act F.A.S.T.

 F ace  facial droop and uneven smile
 A rm  arm numbness and arm weakness
 S peech  slurred speech, difficulty speaking or understanding
 T ime  Call 911 and get to the hospital immediately


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